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Public Mobile’s Black Friday deal offers $ 5 off for six months

Public Mobile has launched its 2020 Black Friday promotion. In Public Mobile website, If you submit your email address between November 23 and December 4 and activate a new plan before December 18, you will get $ 5 off each month for the first six months. You will need to activate the new account with the same email address you submitted to get the promotion. This promotion only covers Public Mobile's $ 35, $ ​​40 and $ 45 plans. Public Mobile's $ 35 plan includes 2GB of data (with a 500MB bonus if you sign up with AutoPay), as well as unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited international texting and pictures. Public's $ 40 plan offers the same, but with 4.5GB (plus 500MB with AutoPay) and its $ 45 plan includes 6GB (plus 500MB...
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Limited Time Public Mobile Promotion Offers Second Month Free

Public Mobile now has a limited-time promotion that offers subscribers a second month free after activating an online plan. This offer is only available to new customers. To get the offer, you will need to send your email address to this link before 11:59 p.m. ET tonight. You will then receive a confirmation message stating that you are eligible for the offer. After that, you will also need to activate a plan online before November 13. You can get a SIM card online through Public Mobile or Amazon, and then go to After that, you will get a credit value equal to the price of the rate plan in which you activated your SIM card. The promotion will not cover the cost of any add-ons. New eligible customers will...
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Telus offers $ 120 bill credit to public mobile customers if they switch

Telus has launched a promotion for customers of its prepaid subsidiary, Public Mobile, to switch to the company's postpaid plans. Public Mobile detailed the Telus promotion Thursday afternoon, saying, "We recognize that sometimes our customers' needs can change, whether they need more data or even a new phone." “That is why we are pleased to inform our community today that our friends at TELUS are offering a great exclusive deal for Public Mobile customers!” Public Mobile explained. "Starting today and available through November 18, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST, Public Mobile customers are eligible for a $ 120 bill credit when they call and switch to any TELUS Peace of Mind plan." . He said Public mobile. The promotion says that those who switch will receive a $ 60 bill credit applied...
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Mobile flash public offering offers second month free with new activations

Telus-owned prepaid brand Public Mobile is back with another promotion offering new activations its second month free. “Effective immediately, for a limited time only, we offer your second month free when activated on any online plan! This will be applied as account credit and the offer is available only to new customers, ”explains Public Mobile. To get the promotion, you must submit your precious email address on the Public Mobile website before October 26, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET. Your plan must be activated online by November 6, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET to get the offer.
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Public Mobile launches 50% discount on the sale of SIM cards at $ 5

Telus-owned Public Mobile launched an online sale for its SIM cards, discounted by 50% up to $ 5. Typically, these are priced at $ 10 each plus tax. "Beginning October 5, 2020 through October 9, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST, we are offering $ 5 off SIM cards, online only." explained Public Mobile this morning. The offer seems to want to attract more customers by reducing the SIM card fee. Customers can purchase a public mobile SIM card by visiting the company's website.
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Flash sale for public mobile devices: get the second month free with online activations

Prepaid brand Telus Public Mobile has launched another flash sale heading into the weekend. Announced Friday afternoon, Public Mobile He says new online activations can get their second month free, applied as account credit. To get the offer, Public Mobile requires new customers to submit their email address to receive notifications from the company. To activate with Public Mobile, you will need a SIM card and you can find one locally at resellers such as Walmart. The promotion will last until Monday, September 21, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET.
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Public Mobile offers free 5GB unique data, check your texts

Telus-owned prepaid brand Public Mobile seems to be in the spirit of giving. A text message sent this afternoon to select customers says 5GB of free data is available, with no strings attached. “Public Mobile here. Get the most of our network across Canada with a free gift. For a limited time, enjoy 5GB of free one-time data. Just like that, ”the text message says. Users must answer "yes" to the text message before August 24 to register and claim the free gift. Once users agree to accept the unique 5GB bonus data, another follow-up message says, “Good choice! Confirming that you have opted for your unique bonus add-on. You will receive a confirmation SMS when it is in your account. See Self-Service before August 31, 20 ".Why offer free data to customers? It could be a...
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Public Mobile to launch a $ 30 / 2GB plan to replace the $ 35 / 1.5GB plan

Telus-owned Public Mobile announced that it will launch a new $ 30 / 2GB plan on Friday, August 7, 2020. This new plan will be "available for a limited time only" and, starting today, Thursday, August 6, the old $ 35 / 1.5GB plan will expire at 11:59 pm ET. “If you have the $ 35 1.5GB plan today and want to continue with it, you don't need to do anything. However, if you switch to another plan, you will not be able to return to the $ 35 1.5GB plan after August 6, 2020, as it will no longer be available. " Explain Public mobile. As the The federal government continues to pressure Canada's wireless service providers to cut selected prices by 25%.It appears that this move may be linked to exceeding Ottawa's demands. But it will most likely match the price with a similar offering...
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Public mobile that offers new customers their second free month

Telus Public Mobile's flanker brand has released a limited time We offer to offer new customers their second month free. "We are offering your second month free when activated on any online or in-store plan," the promotion reads. The offer is effective immediately until August 3 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Public Mobile notes that the offer will be applied as account credit and is only available to new customers. The operator describes that to obtain this promotion, potential customers must apply for a SIM card online or purchase one from a retail store. Then you must activate it in-store or online before the offer deadline. Eligible customers will receive account credit within 30 business days. The credit value that customers receive wil...
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Public Mobile Promo Offers Second Month Free For New Customers

Public Mobile, owned by Telus, launched a promotion for the weekend aimed at new customers, offering them their second free month: Effective immediately until August 3 at 11:59 pm ET, we are offering your second month free when activated on any online or in-store plan! This will apply as account credit and the offer is available only to new customers. No minimum monthly plan is mentioned to obtain this promotion. Due to the short promotional period, new customers will not be able to buy a sim card online but you will have to visit a Mobile Public partner like Walmart. Public mobile He says the offer is available online or in-store at retail partners. Credits will be applied within 30 business days. It's worth noting that Bell's prepaid rival Lucky Mobile is also running a s...
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Public Mobile Drops Price of 200MB Data Add-On by 50%

Telus-owned Public Mobile has announced it has lowered the price of its 200MB data add-on for customers. “We have some exciting news to announce today! Effective July 22, 2020 the 200MB Data Add-On will be priced at $5, down from $10,” explained Public Mobile. The price drop means instead of paying $50 for 1GB of 3G data, that’s now down to $25 for 1GB, which may see ‘cheap’ when compared to flagship wireless brands, with some data overages going as high as $110 (some Bell Connect plans) for 1GB of LTE data. Back in May, the prepaid brand lowered the price of its 1GB data add-on, which resulted in “positive feedback received,” and ultimately made the company follow suit by lowering the price of its 200MB data add-on. “At Public, we are constantly looking for ways that we can m...