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PS5 download issue forcing some users to factory reset their consoles

Some PlayStation 5 users report that they have been forced to factory reset their consoles due to a download queue issue. In the past two days since the PS5 was released in North America and other parts of the world, several PS5 buyers have said IGN Y VideogamesChronicle that your PS5 gets stuck in "limbo" when some PS5 games are "queued to download". Apparently, the PS5 seems to think that certain PS5 games are downloading when in fact they are not, rendering the game in question unplayable. This issue is reportedly happening with various titles, including Spider-Man Remastered, Demon's Souls, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and even the Disney + app, although it seems to occur more frequently with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. For ...
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Princes’ Gate in Toronto lit up last night to celebrate PS5 launch

To celebrate the global launch of PlayStation 5, Sony has illuminated monuments around the world. In Canada (Toronto specifically), Sony lit up the historic Princes' Gate located at Exhibition Place. You can watch a video below of the show:Happy # PS5 launch day, Canada! We celebrate the arrival of a new generation of games by illuminating monuments around the world. Check out this video of Princes' Gate in Toronto last night, with the city skyline in the background. - PlayStation Canada (@PlayStationCA) November 12, 2020Sony's PS5 normal and digital editions are now available. The digital PS5 is available for $ 499 and the regular version with a disc drive costs $ 629. You ...
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Walmart Canada now sells PlayStation 5 on its website

Walmart Canada now has stock for the PS5 on its website. Standard model for $ 629 CAD is available here, while the $ 499 discless digital edition can be ordered here. Keep in mind that these sell out quickly so order immediately if you can. For more on the PS5, check out our full review here. Update 11:17 am ET: Unsurprisingly, Walmart has sold out its PS5s in just a few minutes.
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PS5 now available to order from Toys R Us Canada

Toys R Us Canada has started selling the PlayStation 5 on its website starting at 9am ET. The standard PS5 is $ 629, while the discless digital edition is priced at $ 499. The consoles will sell out incredibly quickly, so you'll want to get your Toys R Us account ready. The console will only be sold online, in keeping with Sony's requirement that all PS5s be sold online (outside of existing in-store pre-orders) to promote physical distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. EB Games Canada and The Source will begin selling the PS5 online at 11am ET today, November 12. For more information on the PS5, see MobileSyrupReview here.
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Canada ranked 7th among countries tweeting the most about the PS5 in 2020

To coincide with this week's launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, Twitter has revealed several new stats focusing on 2020 tweet habits related to the new consoles. According to Twitter, Canada ranked 7th in the top 10 tweeting countries on the PS5. Here's the full list (counting tweets from Jan 1 to Oct 31, 2020):United States Japan United Kingdom France Brazil Spain Canada Saudi Arabia Mexico MalaysiaMeanwhile, these are the 10 countries that tweeted the most about Xbox Series X during this time:United States United Kingdom Brazil France Japan Spain Mexico Canada Germany AustraliaTwitter also offered regional comparisons on how daily tweet volumes have grown for the Xbox and PlayStation brands in general thro...
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The Source will sell PS5 online at 11am ET on November 12

The Source has confirmed that start selling PS5 online at 11 a.m. on November 12, the day of the Canadian launch of the console. This is in line with Sony's requirements that its next-gen console be sold online at launch to avoid crowds amid the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, Sony does allow in-store sales for those who have already secured a pre-order there. In that case, some retailers, like EB Games, are allowing people to get their consoles by appointment only. Therefore, you will want to check with your preferred retailer to confirm your procedure. It's also worth noting that EB Games Canada will have more action online at 11am ET alongside The Source. That said, Toys R Us Canada will start selling the console online a little earlier at 9am ET. Watch out for MobileSyrup for m...
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EB Games Canada to Sell PS5 Online at 11am ET on November 12

EB Games has confirmed that it will start selling the PlayStation 5 online in Canada at 11 am ET on November 12, the day of the console's launch. The retailer confirmed the news in a Twitter thread.Thank you for your continued interest in the # PlayStation5 console! At this time, in-store pre-orders for PlayStation 5 will be available for pickup tomorrow by appointment. Also, there will be no consoles available for purchase in the store tomorrow. 1/4 - EB Games Canada 👾 (@EBGamesCanada) November 11, 2020As previously confirmed, Sony is requiring all retailers around the world to only sell the PS5 online at launch to avoid crowds amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, retailers can still sell units i...
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Demon’s Souls remake has more than 180 videos with PS5 activities

Demon's Souls remake you will have tons of 'Activities' available within the PS5 user interface. These activities will include 180 helpful videos, similar to what was seen in the PS5 UI Explainer last month. This news comes from a Washington Post Broader feature where creative director Gavin Moore confirmed that "there are more than 180 videos, each with increasing levels of visibility of what is needed to complete parts of the game, available through the interface." PS5 activities are part of the console's new user interface that can link players with guides, or it can serve as different in-game loading points, which can take the player through different stages of the game. The new Activities feature can work in a picture-in-...
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These are the games that will arrive on PlayStation Now in November 2020

Every month Sony adds a few new titles to its PlayStation Now game streaming service. Now, the company has confirmed that the following games will join the streaming catalog on November 3:F1 2020 Injustice 2 Kingdom Come: Deliverance (available until May 3, 2021) My time in Portia Rage 2 Warhammer: Vermintide 2As part of the PlayStation 5 backward compatibility, you will also be able to stream these games and the rest of the PS Now catalog to the next-gen console when it launches in Canada on November 12. Find out what came to PS Now in October here. In Canada, a subscription to PlayStation Now It costs $ 12.99 CAD / month, $ 34.99 / three months, and $ 79.99 / year. In other news from the PlayStation service, check out what...
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PS5 previews show console size and some games, but no user interface yet

Outside of its big PlayStation 5 Showcase in September, Sony has been relatively quiet on PlayStation 5 lately. Rather, Microsoft has provided a variety of means, including MobileSyrup - with near-final versions of Xbox Series X to preview. That said, Sony is now starting to let the media get their hands on the PS5, in Japan at least. In particular, the only time we saw the PS5 in the wild outside of renders was when the Taiwan National Communications Commission. images leaked last month.First of all, check out an extensive preview video of a man named Natsuki Hanae below: While we knew the PS5 would be great, looking at it up close, the DualSense controller and TV help put the size of the next-gen console in perspective. Apparently, the media were only ...
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PlayStation 5 pre-orders will be posted at the Shoppers Drug Mart at 6pm ET tonight

Canadian pharmacy line Shoppers Drug Mart offers pre-orders for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Editon starting at 6 pm ET / 3 pm PT. The retailer specifies that the "ship to store date" is November 12, the same date the next-generation video game console will launch at several other retailers, including Best Buy and EB Games. If you're looking to get your hands on a PS5 pre-order with Shoppers Drug Mart, it's a good idea to buy one quickly. Pre-orders for both versions of the PlayStation 5 were sold out in a matter of minutes at Best Buy, EB Games, and London Drugs. The PS5 costs $ 629 CAD and the PS5 Digital Edition costs $ 499. You can pre-order the PlayStation 5 at Shoppers Drug Mart at this link.
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Sony cuts PlayStation 5 production plans by 4 million units: Bloomberg

The next PlayStation 5 is likely to be even less available, as sources indicate that Sony has cut production plans by 4 million units. According to a new report from BloombergSources familiar with Sony's affairs have indicated that the company has reduced PS5 unit production for the fiscal year from around 15 million units to 11 million due to production problems with its custom chips designed for the console. Sony is reportedly experiencing a 50 percent lower-than-expected SoC production rate, creating a "bottleneck" that is holding back overall unit production. SoCs are integrated circuits that combine crucial computing components on a single chip, such as a GPU and memory. At the debut of its latest flagship console, Sony revealed custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU technology capable o...