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Five tips to having a deeper relationship with our kids

September is National Suicide Prevention Month and suicide in one demographic is on the rise — our youth. Children ages 10-14 have nearly tripled from 2007 to 2017. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show recently released data from 2018 show a 16% increase over the previous year from children in that age range. In hopes of raising awareness surrounding suicide, Dr. Matt Woolley, a Clinical Psychologist, spoke about ways to have a deeper relationship with our kids on the Project Recovery podcast. Listening is key Let’s face it, for many parents the serious talks with our children can be just as awkward for us. This awkwardness can lead to us explaining to our kids how they should feel about a topic or ways to approach certain ideas. But Dr. Matt explains...
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5 physical activities to help reduce anxiety and stress in Utah

run, fit, fitness, workout, jog, runner, woman, athlete, athletic, girl, health, training, mountain, vitality, road, jogger, action, outdoor, marathon, legs, adult, young, sport,motion, tree, leisure, endurance, activity, sporty, sunrise, wellness, determination, active, outside, people, female, recreation, energy, lifestyle, healthy, misty, body,speed, person, wellbeing, exercise, nature, alone, shutterstock, As Utah announces a new COVID-19 state of emergency declaration, many are beginning to feel more anxiety and stress due to the pandemic. According to a survey presented by the CDC, 40.9% of respondents have reported at least one adverse mental or behaviora...
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How the six steps of behavior change play a role in the road to recovery

For many who struggle with addiction, replacing negative habits with positive ones is the first step towards positive behavior change. By using the Transtheoretical model developed by James Prochaska and Carlo DiClement in the late 1970s, Dr. Matt Woolley, a licensed Clinical psychologist at the University of Utah, is gaining a better understanding of addiction and how relapse can affect change. He spoke about this relationship in the latest episode of the Project Recovery podcast. The first stage of change — Precontemplation While in the early stages of addiction, many are unaware that they have a problem according to Dr. Woolley. “Precontemplation is a stage where you are deep in the behavior that is unhealthy,” he described. “You have really no insight that this ...
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Idaho author and business owner recounts his journey to sobriety

A Utah native author and Idaho-based business owner is opening up about overcoming addiction and his journey to sobriety. Jason Coombs, owner of Brick House Recovery in Idaho and author of Unhooked: How to Help an Addicted Loved One Recover joined the Project Recovery podcast to talk about his substance abuse and how it took everything from him. Descent into addiction Jason’s descent into addiction is one that can be shared with so many like him. He was in a car accident that left him seriously injured and requiring pain medication. For Jason, his accident occurred years before opioid awareness was at the forefront of our society. He began to take his medication as prescribed but weeks following his incident, he was sitting with a coworker at the time who offered hi...
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How one man went from eleven years of sobriety to becoming addicted again

On the outside looking in, Keith Meyer had everything he could have wanted in life. He was a husband to a successful wife and a father of three kids. He owned his own marketing consulting company and it had proven to be very successful. But on the inside, Keith was struggling after experiencing eleven years of sobriety. He was at war with himself due to the fact that his mental health began to deteriorate. Battles with depression and general anxiety, as well as a resurging alcohol addiction, proved too much for him to handle on his own. Keith joined the Project Recovery podcast to recall how his life spiraled out of control after drinking again. From sobriety to addict “I relapsed twice this spring,” he said. “At night, when everyone went to bed, I [was] down in the...
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Utah Life Coach uses past addiction as motivation to help others

SALT LAKE CITY — Overcoming addiction can still bring a lot of pain and anguish while on the road to recovery but one Life Coach in Utah is hoping to change that. Utah native, Rob Eastman, the owner of Eastman Fitness is using his past experiences with addiction as a motivational tool to help others with their own struggles of substance abuse. Eastman, the son of former state senator Dan Eastman, has been sober for the past ten years but sobriety did not come easy for him. He constantly struggled with substance abuse dating back to his teenage years. Looking back, Eastman attributes his addictive tendencies to childhood traumas that he wasn’t able to cope with until decades later with the help of rehab and therapy. Eastman abused cocaine, heroin, and various other d...