Sunday, December 6

princess diaries

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Experts advise against participating in TikTok trend

A popular sound to lip-sync to on TikTok is Sandra Oh’s iconic scene from “The Princess Diaries,” and it’s causing animal experts to panic.The scene stars Oh as Vice Principle Geraldine Gupta answering the phone and saying, “Gupta. Mhm, mhm, mhmm,” before hanging up and going, “the Queen is coming.”The trend involves people reenacting the scene by grabbing whatever’s closest to them to use as a phone, which in many cases is a pet cat.The cats don’t ever look like they’re in peril or a dangerous position, but vets are concerned that the trend could lead to a “misunderstanding” about how cats can be handled.Veterinarian Dr. Jessica May told Insider in an interview that after watching a couple of the videos, she noticed that the cats were not being held ...