Saturday, November 28


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Prince Estate releases the unheard song ‘Cosmic Day’

By Shakiel Mahjouri. 18 seconds ago This Thursday is a "cosmic day" for Prince fans. RELATED: Troye Sivan Is a 'Teen Rager' In New Music Video The Prince Estate and Warner Records have released a previously unheard of Prince song titled "Cosmic Day". The song will be featured in the double album reissue of Sign O 'The Times. "Cosmic Day" was recorded at Sunset Sound, Studio 3 on November 15, 1986. The song had floated among collectors as a small snippet, but this is the first time the full version has been released. "Inhabiting his 'Camille' voice at all times, Prince combines synthesizers and real drums, guitars and various keyboard parts, adding to the ethereal surrealism of the song," explains a press release. RELATED: Serena Ryder Releases Dream Music V...