Wednesday, November 25


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Apple Brings Pear Logo Struggle to Canada, Pre-Launch Petition Nears 200,000 Signatures

Earlier this month Apple took legal action against a small American company Prepear and its pear logo, defying the latter's trademark application, citing that it resembled the iconic Apple logo.There was a media firestorm as the story spread online as Apple was accused of playing the bully in its legal action. Prepear started a petition that has since skyrocketed to nearly 200,000 signatures. As for what's next? Prepear shared an update on Monday, saying Apple is redoubling its efforts to oppose the company's trademark application, taking the fight to Canada. According to Prepear, “Through discussions between our attorney and Apple's legal team, we learned that Apple would not only continue its opposition to our logo, but worse, they took additional steps to pre...