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These Starbucks customers took the ‘invisible car’ prank to a new level

A group of Starbucks customers are going viral after being caught in the middle of an outlandish drive-thru prank.The stunt was shared on TikTok by an employee named Alissa. Her video, which has more than 1.6 million views, shows a clip from her store’s drive-thru camera.Alissa and a coworker are watching the footage in real-time, as they react to a group of four customers at the order window. However, the group looks a lot different than usual.The young customers aren’t sitting in a car, but each of them is seated as if they are. One man, in the front, is even pretending to drive the “invisible” vehicle.“You know this is the kind of s*** that make our job worth it lmao,” Alissa captioned her [email protected] You know this is the kind of shit t...
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Teen pulls off hilarious yearbook photo prank

A teenager is going viral online after her mother revealed the elaborate prank she’s been putting together for four years.On July 16, TikTok user creichard posted a video confronting her daughter about the prank. Evidently, her daughter Ella had worn the same exact outfit in every yearbook photo throughout high school — and it took her mom four years to notice.“I’m putting your photo album together and I’m a few years behind,” creichard says in the video as she confronts Ella in a fit of laughter. “Why do you have the same outfit on for every yearbook … did you do that? For four years? And I didn’t know?”Ella’s mom isn’t the only one who got a kick out of the complex prank. In the comments, people also praised the recent high school graduate for her devo...
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The kids are alright and dressing up as grandmas to get booze

It’s 10 p.m., do you know where your children are? If they’re on TikTok, we have a hunch.Teens are dressing up as law-abiding, mask-wearing elderly people to try to score alcohol without a fake ID. The “prank” has taken the social media platform by storm with TikTokers recording themselves pulling off the stunt and racking up millions of views.The videos star teenagers applying drawn-on wrinkles and wigs, some even lucky enough to have access to a walker or cane for a more authentic look. It’s unclear how successful the teenagers are or if a lot of them are just participating in the funny makeover part of the trend.Considering 80-year-olds are not the typical demographic for White Claw or whipped cream flavored Smirnoff vodka, it’s only about time shop c...