Tuesday, December 1

portable air filter for bikers

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Portable air purifier makes running or biking in cities even better

The Iwind is an active cycling filter — or, basically, a portable air purifier. The breathing device is designed for athletic users while they bicycle, scooter or hoverboard around urban environments. The lightweight filter’s compressor mounts to your helmet, backpack or jacket. It’s connected to a duct with a spout that directs fresh air toward the face.“The essence of Iwind is optimum comfort and maximum efficiency. It sucks in the impure air around you, purifies it and supplies fresh air back to the nose cone through the air duct,” the Kickstarter states. The filter removes 99 percent of air pollution including cigarette smoke, allergens, dust, car exhaust and industrial waste. The Iwind doesn’t weigh more than a pair of sunglasses, so it won’t bog you do...