Saturday, December 5

Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Pokémon Sword and Shield’s ‘Crown Tundra’ DLC was worth the wait

Pokémon Sword and Shield (SwSh) for Nintendo Switch are different from any other Pokemon games that have come before. With features like 'The Wild Area', 'Raid Battles' and 'Dynamaxing', SwSh stand out from the rest of the Pokemon series of various forms. What makes the series even more unique is that it brings downloadable content (DLC) to the franchise for the first time, and The crown tundra, the last SwSh expansion pack, it was worth the wait. You could argue that Addicted to games, the Pokemon developer of the series, I should have added this content to the main game in the first place, but looking beyond that, The crown tundra still offers a solid package. The crown tundra adds a much needed difficulty to Pokémon Sword and Shield along with a fun new feature and adorable story. ...