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How to listen to podcasts through Spotify on a Google smart speaker

Google is finally allowing other podcasting services to be used as the default platform on its smart speakers. To do this, you must first enter the Google Assistant settings page. This can be done through the Assistant app, the Home app, and other popular Google services. Once you're inside, navigate to the 'Podcasts' subtitle and then select Spotify as your default option. In the future, you should be able to use other services, but the developers will be the ones to support this feature. Once you've set up a default podcast provider, you'll be able to ask Google to play your podcasts, and it should pick up where you left off the last time you were listening. You can also ask the digital assistant to play specific podcasts. Sou...
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Spotify lets creators make radio shows with a new update

Spotify is beefing up its mobile app on iOS with a sleek new widget, plus podcasts on the platform are about to get a lot more musical in the best way possible. The widget is pretty straightforward. There are two widget sizes: small and medium. Both widgets do the same by offering quick access to your recently played songs and some Spotify playlists as your 'Daily Mix'. Overall, it's not the most useful widget, but it's good that Spotify adopted it. Personally, I'll put it in a 'smart stack', but it probably won't have its own place on my home screen. If I had play / pause controls I think I would find myself using it more. That being said, Apple does not allow developers to use playback controls on the home screen due to conc...
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Apple Podcasts Launch on Amazon Echo and Fire TV Devices in Canada

Apple podcasts are now available at Amazon Echo Devices and Fire TV in Canada. Amazon said iPhone in Canada Your customers can now link their account in the Alexa app with their Apple ID and start listening to podcasts right away. Here's how to set up Apple Podcasts with the Alexa app for iOS. Just touch the 'More' tab> Settings> Music> Link new service> Podcasts> Enable skill. Check out our screenshot below:“It's easy to find and play your favorite podcasts with Alexa; all you have to do is request the podcast you want to listen to, "Amazon said in a statement. Here are some phrases you can ask Alexa to start: Alexa, play things you need to know on Apple podcasts Alexa, play the latest episode of The Daily on Apple Podcasts Alexa, resume Anyone Know Something on Apple Pod...
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Spotify is taking on YouTube with video podcasts

Spotify announced today that it’s moving into the world of video… podcasts. This move has been predicted since early May when the streaming platform began testing the feature with a podcast from two YouTube personalities. More speculation built after the streaming service entered into a deal with Joe Rogan, who runs a very successful podcast with a popular video component. Now the day has finally come, with Spotify officially announcing that any podcast creator on Spotify can use video. The integration seems pretty bare-bones for now since there’s no way to turn the videos off, which might be a hassle for some. However, you can navigate away from the Spotify app or lock your phone, and the audio from the podcast will continue to pl...
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Spotify launches two podcast charts in Canada

Spotify is diving a little deeper into the world of podcasts with some new charts to showcase trending and popular shows. The two new playlists that are beginning to appear on the mobile version of the app are ‘Top Podcasts’ and ‘ Trending Podcasts.’ These lists won’t be the same for everyone. Depending on your region, you may see different Podcasts in the lists since it’s based on what’s popular in your area. Both of these charts should help people discover new shows that are worth listening to since it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the massive number of shows out there. In some regions, excluding Canada, Spotify even breaks down the top podcasts by category. However, Canadians can gain access to these lists by tapping on the small...