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Apple Executives Talk About The New iPad Air And Apple Silicon About Update Podcast

Apple executives Tim Millet and Tom Boger recently joined Relay FM update podcast hosted by Myke Hurley and Jason Snell to discuss the new iPad Air and Apple silicon. Millet is Apple's vice president of platform architecture, while Boger is the company's senior director of Mac and iPad product marketing.On the new 5nm process used for the A14 chip, Millet said: “This is a great victory for us because it allows us to put more transistors in a similar space. What this allows us to do is offer more functions, which in many cases also allows us to improve the energy efficiency of the solution. " "What we wanted to do was bring that new design to the iPad Air, that Liquid Retina display, make the screen extend all over the place, and with this iPad Air we decided to design Touch ...
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Amazon to release podcasts on Amazon Music and Audible

Podcasts are already available on Spotify and Apple Music, but will now be coming to Amazon Music and Audible services, according to an email obtained by The desk.In the email, Amazon said it will allow users to subscribe, download and stream free podcasts on its services. The podcasts will be available to both free tier users and paid subscribers, according to the email. The email was reportedly sent to podcast producers allowing them to submit their podcast feed before the feature is publicly available. Thus, it will allow users to access the podcast immediately.Users could stream podcasts through Echo smart speakers and Fire TV devices. When it will be available has yet to be revealed, but since Amazon is already closing ...
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Post Malone Shares His Views On Chainsmokers Concert Controversy

By Sarah Curran. 10 secs ago Post Malone has weighed in on the Chainsmokers’ controversial drive-in concert. The rapper and singer joined Joe Rogan for an epic four-hour long podcast. RELATED: Post Malone Reveals He’s Had Multiple UFO Sightings The conversation opened up with the pair drinking a Bud Light and announcing that they’d both taken psychedelic mushrooms. While discussing the controversy surrounding the recent ‘Smokers car concert in the Hamptons, Rogan questioned why there has been so much public outrage about people watching the show from their vehicles. “What the f–k is wrong with that?” he asked. It was then made clear to the host that concertgoers were “all standing around” and not staying in their cars. After taking a look at the safety precautions undertake...
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How one man went from eleven years of sobriety to becoming addicted again

On the outside looking in, Keith Meyer had everything he could have wanted in life. He was a husband to a successful wife and a father of three kids. He owned his own marketing consulting company and it had proven to be very successful. But on the inside, Keith was struggling after experiencing eleven years of sobriety. He was at war with himself due to the fact that his mental health began to deteriorate. Battles with depression and general anxiety, as well as a resurging alcohol addiction, proved too much for him to handle on his own. Keith joined the Project Recovery podcast to recall how his life spiraled out of control after drinking again. From sobriety to addict “I relapsed twice this spring,” he said. “At night, when everyone went to bed, I [was] down in the...
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Utah actor and producer on addiction recovery

Thirteen years have passed since Utah actor and producer, Michael Birkeland, hit his “rock bottom” and now he’s using his past to help others start their own road to recovery. He recently joined the Project Recovery podcast to tell his story of substance abuse and how he was able to curb his addiction. From actor to addict Michael Birkeland, known for Phobic [2020], The Singles Ward [2002], and Everything You Want [2005], has an interesting relationship with comedy. While he is predominantly known in the LDS comedy world, his use of laughter and joy was often masking a very tumultuous past. “I completely hid behind comedy. I could not turn it off because I thought if I turn it off … They’ll see all of my imperfections if I’m not funny,” Birkeland described. Birkelan...