Wednesday, December 2


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Plex adds live TV via the web to its growing roster of features

Online cloud file locker turned multi-media streaming underdog, Plex has added live TV via the web to its laundry list of services and features. While this feature isn’t exactly the same as traditional TV packages or Plex’s own Live TV feature, it still adds another layer of content to the already bursting media service. If you’ve ever used a web TV service like XUMO or LG’s Channels on its smart TVs, then you may be familiar with web TV.If not, here’s a brief explanation. you get access to a bunch of random channels that you may not have heard of before and the shows that are on them. Sometimes the shows are things you know, and sometimes they’re not. It doesn’t truly matter because it’s all content, and that’s Plex’s goal – to ...
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80+ Free Plex Live TV Channels Now Available Worldwide

Consumers now have a new no-cost option for streaming TV content as popular streaming media platform Plex has today announced the addition of 80+ channels of completely customizable live programming, all of which is now available worldwide for free.  Today’s addition of Live TV on Plex is distinct from the company’s already-available “over-the-air” TV and DVR feature, which requires a digital antenna and tuner. The new Live TV service does not require any hardware or setup, instead offering instant access to over 80 channels of free programming. Plex Live TV channels range from news like Reuters and Yahoo Finance, to kids’ shows like Toon Goggles, to food, travel, and home & design programming on Tastemade, and to all things sports including live games, original programmin...