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PlayStation Launches ‘Retro and Remasters’ Digital Game Sale

PlayStation has launched a huge 'Retro and Remasters' sale on numerous digital PlayStation 4 games. As the name suggests, the sale is focused on older games that were brought to PS4 through HD remasters or full remakes. See below some of the more notable offers: You can find the full list of offers here. Sales end on February 11th. Image Credit: Capcom
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PlayStation Store now offers a ton of games for under $ 30

The PlayStation Store has started a huge sale offering dozens of PS4 games for less than $ 30 CAD. While the deal is called 'Games Under $ 20' in the US, the conversion rate puts some titles above $ 20, but still less than $ 30. See below some of the more offers: You can find the full list of offers here. Sales end on February 4. Image Credit: Interactive IO
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These are the games that will arrive on PlayStation Now in January 2021

Every month PlayStation adds a few new titles to its PlayStation Now game streaming service. Now, the company has revealed that The gang 2, Surviving Mars and Frostpunk: Console Edition They are added to the catalog in January 2021. All three games will be available on PS Now starting January 5, though Crew 2 It will be removed from service on July 5, 2021. To learn more about PlayStation Now, check out what came to the service last month here. In other news from the PlayStation service, Sony also recently revealed the free PlayStation Plus games for January; read more about them here. Image Credit: Ubisoft Source: Play station
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PlayStation’s great holiday sale offers up to 50 percent off on PS4 and PS5 games

PlayStation has kicked off a major holiday sale on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 digital games. In total, there are savings of up to 50 percent on a variety of titles. See below for some of the most prominent offers. Please note that virtually all PS4 games (including the ones listed below) are playable on PS5 through backward compatibility. However, some games have specific PS5 versions that are optimized for the new console and will be listed accordingly. You can find the full list of offers here. The PlayStation holiday sale ends on January 9. Image Credit: Play station
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PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo partner in a commitment to making games safer

PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo are joining forces in an effort to make games safer for all gamers. In a blog post, Dave McCarthy, Xbox Corporate Vice President of Operations, said the company is aligned with its fellow console makers on principles to guide its work to make gaming experiences "positive and respectful." To do that, McCarthy wrote, the three companies will take "a multidisciplinary approach, one that combines the benefits of advanced technology, a supportive community, and empowered human oversight." According to McCarthy, companies will follow these three principles: Prevention: Train players and parents to understand and control gaming experiences Provide parental controls to allow parents to manage how their child...
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Latest Playstation Sale Discounts on Selected Game Awards Titles

The latest Playstation sale offers up to 50 percent off nominees and winners of The Game Awards, including titles like No Man's Sky, Personal 5 Royale Y Yakima: like a dragon. It is worth mentioning the 'Game of the Year' 2020, The Last of Us Part II (TLOU2), Its not for sale. If you are looking to buy games like TLOU2 that are currently not for sale, it's probably best to wait until Boxing Day. TLOU2 It was discounted at various retailers on Black Friday, so it is likely to go on sale again. Here is a list of the games currently on sale: For more games on sale, visit the Playstation Store here.
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PlayStation Store leak points to God of War’s Kratos coming to Fortnite

God of War protagonist Kratos could soon come to Fortnite. As first reported Fortnite filter @HYPEX, a PlayStation Store listing notes that the PlayStation icon is making its way into the popular Battle Royale game. No specific date was provided, but it certainly looks credible because it comes from the PlayStation itself. The image shows Kratos in his outfit from the 2018 game, which he will presumably also wear in next year's untitled sequel. Kratos will soon be a skin! (Posted again for a better image) - HYPEX (@HYPEX) December 2, 2020 On top of that, while Sony hasn't publicly confirmed Kratos, specifically, a Fortnite The teaser posted on the official PlayStation account seems to describe none other than God of War himself. Voiced by Agent Jones ...
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Kratos from God of War comes to Fortnite on all platforms, including Xbox and Switch

Updated 03/12/2020 at 7:28 pm ET - Sony has announced that God of WarKratos is now available in Fortnite. In particular, this is all versions of the popular Battle Royale game, not just PlayStation 4 and 5. "The best hunters of all realities," you say? We could meet a boy. 🪓 Kratos comes to Fortnite with Guardian Shield Glider, Mimir Back Bling, and Leviathan Ax Pickaxe: - PlayStation Canada (@PlayStationCA) December 4, 2020 While Kratos' arrival was all but confirmed thanks to a PlayStation Store leak and a tease on the official PlayStation Twitter account, many fans simply assumed it would be exclusive to the PlayStation versions of the game. The fact that Kratos is playable on the Xbox and Nintendo platforms is pretty surreal...
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These are the games that will arrive on PlayStation Now in December 2020

Every month Sony adds a few new PS4 titles to its PlayStation Now game streaming service. Now Sony has revealed what's coming to the service in December, and it's a bigger month than usual: All of these games are available now and can be played on both PS4 and PS5. It is worth noting that Horizon zero dawn is getting a sequel, West horizon forbidden, which will be released on PS4 and PS5 in the second half of 2021. Thus, PlayStation Now is a way for owners of either console to experience (or replay) the game before the sequel. However, it should be noted that PlayStation Now only has the base Horizon zero dawn experience, not the Full edition which includes both the main game and its expansion, The Frozen Wilds (which costs $...
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Here are the free games coming to PlayStation Plus in December 2020

Each month Sony offers a few PlayStation 4 games at no additional cost to those subscribing to its PlayStation Plus service. Now, the company has revealed which free titles will hit the service in December 2020. From Tuesday, December 1 to Monday, January 4, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download Worms rumble, Just cause 4 Y Rocket arena free. It is worth noting that Worms rumble It will launch on PS5 and PS4 on December 1, which means it will be available for free on both platforms through PS Plus on day one. Meanwhile, Just cause 4 Y Rocket arena They are PS4 titles that can be played on PS5 through backward compatibility. For now, the November PlayStation Plus games are still available. Find out more here. A Subscript...
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PlayStation’s Black Friday deal offers games up to 70 percent off

The PlayStation Black Friday sale offers some pretty cool deals on tons of games. While Sony has many titles for sale, it's worth noting that many of the discounted games are titles that were released earlier this year, such as The Last of Us Part II, Nioh 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Star Wars: Squads, Marvel Avengers and even last month Watch Dogs: Legion. You can also save 25 percent on a 12 month PlayStation Now subscription and 20 percent discount on 3-month PlayStation Now subscription. Playstation plus it's also 25 percent off for 12 months. The PlayStation Black Friday promotion ends on November 30. Here are some of the more notable Black Friday deals below: Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time: now $ 51.99, was $ 79.99 Cuphead: n...
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Sony Releases Fix for PlayStation 5 Download Queue Error

Sony has released a fix for the PlayStation 5 download queue error that first appeared earlier this week. The bug caused games to get stuck in a queue and stop downloading. the Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) The Twitter account describes that after downloading the company's latest system update, booting the PS5 into safe mode and rebuilding the database fixes the problem. To boot into safe mode, turn off the console completely and hold the power button for seven seconds until you hear two beeps. If you have had trouble downloading games with "Queued for download" or "View details" messages on PS5, update your system software to the latest version, start your PS5 in safe mode, and then rebuild the database. See "PS5: Safe Mode ...