Wednesday, November 25

PlayStation Indies

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PlayStation Indies initiative revealed alongside the brand’s first nine titles

Sony is looking to spotlight independent game developers with its new initiative, PlayStation Indies. Alongside the reveal of PlayStation Indies came confirmation of the brand’s first nine games that are coming to PS4 and PS5. Below is a list of those games:Maquette (PS4 and PS5) Worms Rumble (PS4 and PS5) Haven (PS4) Carto (PS4) Heavenly Bodies (PS4 and PS5) Creaks (PS4) F.I.S.T: Forged In Shadow Torch (PS4) Recompile (PS5) Where the Heart Is (PS4)Shuhei Yoshida, former president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, will serve as Head of Indies Initiative for PlayStation. “With PlayStation Indies, we hope to spotlight and support the best of the best indie games being published on PlayStation and the entire in...