Sunday, November 29

playground bullies

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Hilarious 4-year-old girl explains why boys need to learn manners

A San Francisco-based 4-year-old girl does not appreciate being spoken to like an animal.It all started when an older boy, about eight or nine years old, began bothering Delilah at the park. She then borrowed her mother’s phone to address the world about an important issue: manners. More specifically, she believes boys should have them.The boy was trying to get Delilah to play with him by making bird and cat noises at her and she was not feeling it one bit. She was, in fact, fed up enough to make a video in the car about it. “That’s not how you get a girl to get over there. You have to use your manners,” Delilah explained. “Why would you do that to a girl? You don’t call girls over like that. OK, guys?” Delilah didn’t know the boy and thought it was rude...