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App Store revenue nearly doubled from Google Play Store in Q3 2020

Revenue generated by Apple's App Store once again nearly doubled that of Google's Play Store in the third quarter of 2020. Sensor towerNew data Sensor Tower says that Apple's App Store generated about $ 19 billion in revenue in the third quarter of 2020, a 31 percent increase from the same period last year. A new report Sensor tower state: Global consumer spending on mobile apps reached $ 29.3 billion and its installs rose to 36.5 billion on the Apple App Store and Google Play in the third quarter, preliminary estimates from the Sensor Tower Store show. Intelligence. Both metrics experienced significantly high annual growth, as mobile users spent 32 percent more than the $ 22.2 billion generated in 3Q19 and installs grew 23.3 percent from the 29.6 billion in the quarter of ...
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Apple and Google app store revenue grew more than 30 percent in the third quarter of 2020

Both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store saw revenue growth of more than 30 percent year-over-year in the third quarter thanks to COVID-19. According to the app analytics firm Sensor tower, people staying home during closed shutdowns or avoiding going out due to the pandemic drove demand for entertainment and apps in both companies' digital stores. Apple experienced 31 percent year-over-year growth, going from $ 14.5 billion (about $ 19.3 billion Canadian) to $ 19 billion in revenue (about $ 25.3 billion Canadian). ). Google, on the other hand, grew faster by 33.8 percent year-over-year, but only made $ 10.3 billion in revenue (about C $ 13.7 billion). Along with the overall growth, some categories of applications also increased. For example, Sensor...
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Play Store tells people that it can’t install apps even though it can

Several people have reported that a strange error message in the Play Store warns that they cannot install apps. Discovered by Android Police, the error message seems to come out of nowhere. It comes as a notification or a pop-up window in the Play Store and warns users that they cannot install applications because the "settings on this device do not allow you to install applications".Updating a couple dozen apps when suddenly ... - Artem Russakovskii (@ArtemR) September 11, 2020Android Police Artem Russakovskii experienced the problem on his device and posted screenshots on his Twitter bill. In my own tests, none of my Android devices showed similar problems, but it is unclear how widespread the problem is. Russakovskii not...
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Epic claims Google prevented OnePlus from preloading the Fortnite installer on their phones

This week saw a flurry of action from Epic Games, the company behind Fortniteand Apple and Google, the companies in charge of the two largest mobile operating systems and the respective application delivery platforms for those systems. Now, as Epic moves forward with the lawsuits against both companies, some surprising details emerged. One seen by Android Police, is a claim in the legal file against Google that the search giant blocked a possible deal between Epic and OnePlus to preload the company's software on smartphones. Fortnite On Android, at least, when not installed from the Play Store, use an app called 'Epic Games' to keep the game up to date. Epic initially configured Fortnite work outside the Play Store to avoid payin...
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Google has removed Fortnite from the Play Store, following Apple’s lead

Shortly after being removed from the Apple App Store, the popular battle royale game Fortnite It has also been removed from the Google Play Store. In a statement to The edge, a Google spokesperson stated that Epic's new monetization practices for Fortnite violate their Play Store policies. Earlier today, Epic launched a new in-game direct payment system for Fortnite on Android and iOS it offers a 20 percent discount on the virtual currency 'V-Bucks'. This allowed Epic to bypass the App Store and Play Store's 30 percent price reduction policies for any mobile game purchases. Apple quickly retaliated by removing Fortnite from its App Store, citing a violation of its policies, and now, Google is doing the same. See below for Google's...
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Nearby Sharing is rolling out to more users after briefly disappearing

It looks like Google’s Nearby Sharing is finally getting a wider rollout. After reports indicated Nearby Sharing vanished for some people, it now seems that the feature is appearing on even more devices than before. According to 9to5Google, more people on the beta version of Google Play Services have the feature. However, MobileSyrup’s Jon Lamont has the feature on his Pixel 4, but isn’t part of the Play Services beta, although his Pixel is on the Android 11 beta. Nearby Sharing is a functionality that allows users to share things with other Android devices that’s near them. The feature works similar to Apple’s AirDrop. To get the feature you’ll first need to sign up for the Play Services beta. Following that, you can check if you ...