Wednesday, November 25


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Lizzo stuns fans with video of her vegan ‘hangover cure’ breakfast: ‘Ugly but delicious’

Lizzo has social media in a frenzy after sharing her favorite “hangover breakfast.”The three-time Grammy winner, who has recently adopted a fully vegan diet, posted the recipe on TikTok. Her video has now drawn more than 2.3 million views, and thousands of comments from hungry fans.In the clip, the 32-year-old explains that she always craves cheesy eggs when she’s hungover. However, with her new plant-based diet, she’s been unable to have themHer solution? A full-on scramble made by combining a “vegan carne asada” with some non-dairy cheese and some JUST Egg, a plant-based substitute.“Here is my substitute for cravings when you’re hungover,” Lizzo captioned the [email protected] Might do a what I eat in a day vid because I feel like us fat queens need t...