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Home chef sparks chaos with ‘atrocious’ pizza recipe: ‘You ain’t right, son’

Just because two things are good on their own, that doesn’t mean they should be put together.That’s the lesson thousands of Reddit users are learning, thanks to one controversial home chef. The mad breakfast scientist, whoever they are, created a pizza topped with Fruity Pebbles.A Reddit user named AKReddits shared a photo of the creation on July 25. Since then, the image has received nearly 8,000 upvotes and hundreds of confused comments.The recipe, which is also making the rounds on Twitter, appears fairly simple: Make a cheese pizza, then top it with the colorful, sugary cereal.Reddit users had plenty of mixed feelings about the strange mash-up. Many called it “atrocious” or said it was a cooking “monstrosity.”“You ain’t right, son,” one use...
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Woman divides TikTok users with ‘unhealthy’ pizza creation: ‘A heart attack waiting to happen’

A TikTok user is sparking an online food debate with her homemade pizza creation.The user, named Lauren, created the fast-food hybrid for her boyfriend, Lander. Her creation? A Chick-fil-A-themed pizza, topped with what looks like pounds of the chains signature dishes.Similar recipes have gone viral in the past, but Lauren’s seemed to make an impression. The video of her creation has more than 7 million views, plus plenty of comments arguing whether the meal is genius or totally excessive.“My boyfriend loves chick-fil-a and i saw this recipe so i decided to make it for him,” Lauren wrote in her [email protected] so good ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##recipe ##chickfila ##couples ##pizza ##viral ##hoodbaby ♬ Hood Baby – KbfrLauren’s versio...