Tuesday, December 1

Pixel Buds (2020)

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Pixel Buds now available in ‘Quite Mint’ and ‘Almost Black’ in Canada

Along with a major feature drop from Pixel Buds (2020) that includes a new 'Bass Boost' option, 'Find My Device' integration, and the ability to turn touch controls on and off, Google has also released 'Quite Mint' and 'Almost Black' versions of the wireless headphones in Canada. As you can see from the images in this story, the 'Quite Mint' Pixel Buds are a bright, almost fluorescent teal color, while the 'Almost Black' Buds are completely black. Unfortunately, the case for both new colors is still white, as are the 'Clearly White' Pixel Buds.I have been impressed by Google's Pixel Buds (2020) and described them in my review, which has still been published recently, as one of the most comfortable pairs of headphones I have ever...
Accessories, Google, News, Pixel Buds (2020), wireless earbuds

Pixel Buds update adds Bass Boost, Sharing Detection, Attention Alerts, and more

Google is rolling out a Pixel Buds update (2020) that brings several new features to the recently released wireless earbuds, including a 'Bass Boost' option, 'Share detection', 'Find My Device' integration, and more. Google says that the firmware update will install automatically when the Pixel Buds (2020) are connected to an Android 6.0 and higher device and 'Automatic Updates' is turned on. The tech giant says the update will be "rolled out in stages" starting August 20. Here is a quick list of all the new features coming to Pixel Buds: Bass boost: Google says activating this feature adds more bass to the Pixel Buds. Given that one of my main issues with the Buds is their lack of bass, this seems like a great addition to the Pixel Buds. Sharing detection: If you give one of your...