Tuesday, December 1

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Ram’s Heavy Duty Limited Black Edition is darkness in truck form

What’s a perfect recipe for keeping the buying public engaged in a model that’s been on the market for a year or so? Create some new versions with different paint and wallpaper, of course.This time around Ram has decided to dip its excellent Heavy Duty truck in a pot of inky black paint.The 2020 Ram Heavy Duty Limited Black model offers a monochromatic appearance package that makes the most of dark accent trim. This includes blacking out the grille and its R-A-M billboard, door handles, side-view trailer tow mirrors, and tow hooks.The headlight and taillight bezels have also been treated to the Back-in-Black motif. Trucks with single rear wheels come with 20-inch black rims; while dual rear-wheel models feature 17-inchers in the name of payload and hauling.No mechanical changes ...