Sunday, November 29

Pickle Juice Challenge

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Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon take pictures of pickle juice during the ‘Tonight Show’ challenge

By Becca Longmire. 13 seconds ago Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon came face to face to answer a series of pickle-related questions during Thursday's "Tonight Show". Rogen and Fallon participated in the "Pickle Juice Challenge", in which they answered pickle trivia questions, and the loser had to take a gulp of pickle juice. RELATED: Seth Rogen Wanted To Make 'Pineapple Express 2' But Sony Said No Questions included: "Who is running the annual Michigan Pickles Parade?" with them choosing from General Cucumber, The Grand Dillmeister or Sir Gherkin and "In Texas, it is common to eat pickles where?" with answering options like a barber shop, a voting booth or the cinema. The couple tied, and they said they would rather do that than fight fig...