Thursday, December 3

perros y gatos infectados COVID-19

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New Study Suggests Dogs Can Sniff COVID-19 | The News Center

With only a week of training, a pack of dogs in Germany has learned to detect COVID-19 in human samples. Rodrigo Díaz M. Researchers from a German veterinary university trained eight dogs from the country's armed forces to sniff the saliva of more than a thousand healthy and infected people. They used a specially designed machine with six "scent holes." The machine uses an algorithm to randomize the samples: five containing negatives and one containing a positive. Dogs were able to accurately identify the virus with a 94% success rate. Although only preliminary, the researchers suggest that the findings could help form a reliable method of detecting the virus. "We believe this works because the metabolic processes in the body of a sick patient completely change," said Maren von Koec...