Wednesday, November 25


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Apple reportedly working on virtual fitness classes to compete with Nike and Peloton

Earlier today, we learned that Apple might be preparing a subscription package called "Apple One" that combines its existing services like Apple TV and Apple Music. However, the Cupertino company could also enter an entirely new field. According to various reports, the company is working on virtual fitness classes that would compete with Nike and Peloton offerings, through an application for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. "It is a direct threat to both Peloton and Nike, which offers the virtual training application called Nike Training Club," he says. CNBC. “It is also an example that highlights the potential anti-competitive behavior of Apple. Developers have complained that Apple emulates their software and then introduces it as new features on iPhones and other products. " T...
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Peloton App Launches on Roku Devices in Canada

If you’re a Peloton subscriber, you can now download the fitness app on Roku devices in Canada, as of today. Peloton offers interactive live classes with a subscription and the launch on Roku comes after the service debuted on Apple TV last month. Peloton is known for its live cycling and running workouts and (pricey) spin bikes. According to the company, the addition of an app for Roku, along with Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast and AirPlay support, Peloton says it now allows its 2.6 million members access workouts from anywhere. As of May 2020, Roku had over 40 million worldwide users with hours of content streamed increasing to 13.2 billion.