Tuesday, December 1

Pearl Jam

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Toni Cornell, daughter of Chris Cornell, covers ‘Black’ by Pearl Jam for Lolla2020 Livestream

By Brent Furdyk. 5 minutes ago Toni Cornell was one of the many talented artists who participated in Thursday night's virtual Lollapalooza, and Chris Cornell's daughter made her late father proud. Performing for Lolla2020, the 15-year-old singer performed a passionate version of Pearl Jam's "Black" from the band's classic. Ten album as a tribute to the leader of Soundgarden.Cornell may be young, but he has been making his mark in the past few weeks. Check out his version of "Hunger Strike" from Temple of the Dog, the supergroup his father faced alongside members of Pearl Jam. RELATED: Chris Cornell's Daughter Sings 'Hunger Strike' Cover by Temple of the Dog Cornell performed that song for LivexLive's virtual relief program COVID-19.Check out Chris's 15-y...