Sunday, December 6

PC Health

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Loblaws expands the launch of its virtual health application ‘PC Health’

Loblaws has announced that its PC Health app is now available in more provinces, following its initial launch in Atlantic Canada in October. PC Health is now available for download in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. The app is designed to give Canadians convenient access to healthcare resources and support. Canadians can log into the app for health or nutrition guidance through live chats with a registered nurse or dietitian. Users can also view their personal health goals and work towards them through daily activities. You can also choose programs that are tailored to your needs and interests, such as dietary, family, or maternal health programs. There is also support for mental health or anxiety management. Loblaws note...
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Loblaw’s New PC Health App Offers Virtual Healthcare, PC Optimum Rewards, and More

Loblaw has launched its PC Health application for health and wellness in Atlantic Canada. Overall, the app is intended to bring together various services in one place, including free live chats with registered nurses and dietitians, the ability to set and track personal health goals, and daily goals and activities to be carried out. will be completed in exchange for PC Optimum loyalty points. Users can also create a profile to receive personalized tool and support recommendations based on their individual health needs or interests. Loblaw says his goal is to roll out PC Health nationwide "over the next several months" while adding new features, including virtual healthcare and digital pharmacy. The app is powered by technology from...