Friday, November 27


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Texas tuner PaxPower teases 758-hp V8 swap for new Ford Bronco

The internet has been awash with discussion about the 2021 Bronco following its introduction just over one week ago.While it does offer a pair of engine choices – a 270-hp four-banger; or a 310-horse twin-turbo V6 – a few people have been complaining about the lack of a V8 option.Now we’ve learned PaxPower, a tuning house in Texas, plans to address this deficiency by stuffing a 5.0L Coyote V8 up the nose of the new Bronco.According to reports, PaxPower will build two variations on this high-horsepower theme. Kicking things off will be a naturally-aspirated ‘yote V8 making about 400 ponies and a like amount of torque. If you’ve been in a Mustang GT recently, this mill should be familiar.Cranking the wick with an optional 2.9L supercharger brings output to a staggering 758 horsepo...