Saturday, November 28

Paul Abrahamian

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Paul Abrahamian Is Skipping Out On ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ 2020: ‘I Don’t Thinking Going From 1 Stressful Quarantine To Another Is A Good Idea’

By Shakiel Mahjouri. 3 hours ago Do not expect to see Paul Abrahamian on the upcoming season of Global’s “Big Brother All-Stars”. RELATED: ‘Big Brother’ Returns For A New All-Star Season This August Abrahamian, a two-time “Big Brother” runner-up, told fans on Twitter that he has opted out of the upcoming season. His decision was simple: a responsible call to prioritize his mental health. “The experience as a whole comes with a hefty amount of emotional and mental stress,” Abrahamian tweeted. “I don’t think going from one stressful quarantine to another is a good idea. I miss life and I miss genuine human interaction.” “Society as a whole is changing at a fast pace,” he continued. “I don’t want to be locked away and be unaware of, or miss out on, the evolution of where we a...