Saturday, November 28

patrice endres

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One scene from ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is tearing the internet apart: ‘Help me understand’

If you’ve been on Netflix in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the “Unsolved Mysteries” reboot is getting quite a bit of attention.If you haven’t been on Netflix, what have you been doing? Seriously, let me know your secret. You should get your own episode of “Unsolved Mysteries.”Anyway, the documentary-style show profiles real-life mysteries and features reenactments of unsolved crimes, conspiracy theories and paranormal activity. The show was extremely popular and aired on-and-off between 1987 and 2010.Netflix released six new episodes as part of a high-quality reboot — sorry, no more cheesy narrator — of the old show, complete with six new mysteries.They’re pretty intense, so we highlighted the most jaw-dropping WTF moments from each episode...