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Vegan mom faces backlash over ‘ridiculous’ babysitting demands

A mom is facing backlash after sharing her list of demands for a new babysitter.The woman, who remains unidentified, shared her ad for a vegan-only caregiver on Facebook. It was later posted on Reddit’s Choosing Beggars page, a forum dedicated to overly “picky” requests.The mom’s ad offered just $100 per week, but asked for an applicant willing to work from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day.She also asked that the babysitter provide their own food, but noted that they could only cook “vegan organic” dishes. That demand, plus the mom’s low price, sent Reddit users into a frenzy.‘This lady is insane’The Facebook ad went on to explain that the babysitter should be willing to “work weekends with no notice.” The mom didn’t specify if the sitter would be paid...
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Teenager sparks debate after tricking her sister into a ‘silly’ haircut

A 19-year-old is sparking a major online debate after sharing the way she tricked her “copycat” younger sister.The teenager, writing under the username 8937apple, shared the conflict in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum. Her post outlined the steps she took to stop her 16-year-old sister from imitating her life decisions.Those steps included “tricking” her sister into getting a dramatic new haircut. The move ultimately launched their family into a huge argument.‘It’s annoying and creeps me out’The 19-year-old wrote that her sister has “copied” her for years — so much, in fact, that they’re often mistaken for twins.We have same height, same skin tone, similar voice even,” the teen wrote, “She also has a habit of being a copycat, from [her] way...
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Parents throw incredible gender reveal party for 17-year-old trans son

Break out the tissues, this is one gender reveal story that’s too important to not share.Love Gwaltney shared a collage of photos on Facebook celebrating a recent gender reveal party she and her husband, Brandon, threw. While Love is pregnant, the party wasn’t for the new baby.“We wanted to announce that we got it wrong 17 years ago when we told the world we were having a little girl,” Love wrote on Facebook. “We’d like to introduce you to our SON: Grey.”The sweet post outlines how parents can get so wrapped up in “expected characteristics” based off of “biological sex,” that sometimes they can make mistakes and accidentally label a child the wrong identity. That’s why Love and Brandon made an effort to correct their mistake and announce that their 17-yea...
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Mom calls out baker after her gender reveal cake goes hilariously wrong

A new mom is stirring up plenty of outrage after sharing a video of her gender reveal cake.The woman, who goes by the username crazypiggies, shared the disastrous mistake on TikTok.Her clip features two photos. The first is the cake she thought she was getting for her baby’s gender reveal party, and the other is the cake she actually got.The first cake is bumblebee themed, with the words “What will it bee” written in icing. Her actual cake, however, turned out much differently.Instead of a yellow and white bumblebee theme, the mom got a cake topped with real flowers and a strange, creepy baby. Worst of all, the baker made the icing blue, prematurely revealing that the baby was going to be a [email protected]ggies ##greenscreen Worse, it happened with...
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TikTok users have extremely mixed feelings about this family’s ‘nacho table’

A woman is going viral on TikTok after sharing her family’s creative communal dinner concept.The video, which caused a massive debate over whether the idea was “genius” or “unsanitary,” was posted by a user named Stefanie. In her clip, the TikToker shows her family’s evening meal — which is being held over a massive “nacho table.”“We always make a nacho table during family vacation,” Stefanie captioned her [email protected] we always make a nacho table during family vacation 🧀🌮 ##DontLeaveMe ##MakeSomeoneSmile ##nachotable ##foryou ##puremichigan ##vacation ##family ♬ CEO of speaking French – c.est.bon.bonThe “nacho table” is seemingly exactly like a normal plate of nachos, just spread out to massive proportions. To prepare the meal, Stefanie and he...