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Dad gives a beautiful explanation of why it’s ok that his son mows the lawn ‘wrong’

"Think about the honor of the opportunity," B.A. Sheppard says in his viral video, which is the perfect way to think about things during this pandemic. His son is mowing the lawn and he seized the moment to remind us all of the importance of individuality and doing things not necessarily the "right way," but the way that feels right for you."This young man coming toward me in this lawn mower, thats my son," Sheppard says, smiling into the camera. "He's cutting the grass and zig zagging all over the place. And you know what? Its perfectly fine. While I might have cut in a certain pattern, he's doing his thing in the way that he wants to do it. And it's totally okay. He is getting the grass cut. It may not be dad's way, but he's getting it done. And therein is the honor of the opportunity...
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Parents throw incredible gender reveal party for 17-year-old trans son

Break out the tissues, this is one gender reveal story that’s too important to not share.Love Gwaltney shared a collage of photos on Facebook celebrating a recent gender reveal party she and her husband, Brandon, threw. While Love is pregnant, the party wasn’t for the new baby.“We wanted to announce that we got it wrong 17 years ago when we told the world we were having a little girl,” Love wrote on Facebook. “We’d like to introduce you to our SON: Grey.”The sweet post outlines how parents can get so wrapped up in “expected characteristics” based off of “biological sex,” that sometimes they can make mistakes and accidentally label a child the wrong identity. That’s why Love and Brandon made an effort to correct their mistake and announce that their 17-yea...
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How your attachment style influences your romantic relationships

Attachment style is a psychological theory that analyzes the different types of relationships between humans. An individual’s attachment style affects almost every aspect of relationships, such as partner selection and the duration of the relationship.As with most things, attachment styles are established in early childhood based on the behaviors of the adults around you. It doesn’t have to define or limit you later in life, but better understanding your style of attachment can help you understand why you do certain things or are attracted to certain people.There are four distinct attachment styles:Secure AttachmentSecurely attached adults are satisfied and confident in their relationships. These are people who grew up with parents who acted as a stable ...
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As a transracial adoptee, I wish my white parents had talked to me about race

I've always known that I was adopted. My parents never tried to hide this from me. For one, they couldn't. I didn't look anything like them. Their smooth, pale, white skin contrasted with my darker complexion. Their double-lidded blue and green eyes were nothing like my brown monolidded ones. Strangers would often ask if I was sure that the tall, balding, white man was my father. When I eagerly nodded yes, a certain look would come over their face. For as long as I've known that I was adopted, I've known that I was loved. My parents always made sure that I knew down to my very core that they cared for me. Even though I looked nothing like them, they were quick to tell me that it didn't matter—that they would love me the same if I were purple with white polka dots, or if I had red hair, ...