Thursday, December 3

Pan y Circo

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Diego Luna faced a filming of a reality show ‘Pan y Circo’: I thought ‘I was not racist’

By Shakiel Mahjouri. 3 minutes ago Photo: Amazon Prime Video Diego Luna learned a lot about himself on the set of "Pan y Circo". Luna, 40, admits he was hit with a reality check on his own racist behavior while filming the show for Amazon Prime Video. RELATED: Watch the New Amazon Horror-Comedy Trailer 'Get Duked!' "I sat at this table thinking it was not racist," he said. Independent wire. "I told my children that I am not a racist, but after this lunch, I realized how much I contribute to a system that I benefited from." That moment of self-realization implored Luna to use "Bread and Circus" as a vehicle to promote healing. The description of the program says: "The conversations bring together experts and different perso...