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OnePlus’ Android 11-based Oxygen OS 11 Proves Android Stock Overpriced

The third beta version of Android 11 OnePlus was released earlier this week, and now people can experience the company's new interface design. OnePlus has moved a step away from the so-called standard Android experience, although I think the new design actually surpasses Google's in some respects, while also keeping up with modern software trends with a clean and responsive look. For some, OxygenOS 11 might not be the look they were hoping for, but it's a huge step forward for the company given that its previous design didn't stand out at all. Stock vs Android with skin Before we get started, I want to address the argument of standard Android versus Android with skin. I think the stock vs skin argument started years ago when stock Android was straightforward and clean-looking, while s...
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OnePlus reveals its new OS UX design

As we approach the full release of Android 11, OnePlus has shown off its new software design to accompany the update. The Chinese company has been making fun of its build of Android 11, called OxygenOS in the west and HydrogenOS in China for a while and it looks like it will start rolling out very soon.HydrogenOS 11 Official Video from OnePlus for China. Expect OxygenOS 11 to be heavily influenced by it, but with Google Play Services. New use always on screen, animations and with one hand. #OnePlus # HydrogenOS11 - Ishan Agarwal (@ ishanagarwal24) August 10, 2020China-based HydrogenOS has already been revealed alongside a new weather app, an always-on display feature, and a more revamped design. For...
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OnePlus teasers show Android 11 always-on display, dark mode, and new UI

Multiple OnePlus teaser images shared on Weibo (or filtered out) indicate some of the changes that come with the company's Android 11-based OxygenOS update. The teasers highlight three main things. The first is a "Major Change in User Interface". Unfortunately, it's not immediately clear what this means, but the attached image suggests that OnePlus could mimic Samsung's One UI. Specifically, some OnePlus apps might have a similar design that pushes content to the bottom half of the screen, making it easier to access.OxygenOS 11 looks good! With Always On Display, finally! S - Alvin (@sondesix) August 7, 2020in a separate teaser posted on Twitter By the company's CEO, Pete Lau describes the design ...
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Here’s our first real look at OnePlus’ upcoming always-on display feature

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shared what one of the company's 'Always On Screen' (AOD) designs looks like. OnePlus has been promising in a new Always-on screen since the end of March this year when it became one of the most requested features in its IDEAS program. It appears that the company will reveal the new display feature in full on August 10 when the Final version of its beta version of Android 11 drops. A teaser video of Weibo sHow OnePlus works with the Parsons School of Design in New York to develop fun new designs for always-on displays. The main design that stands out is called 'Time'.It is a long strip that runs through the center of your phone that represents 24 hours a day. The line even changes color to represent sunrise and sunsets throughout the day. The look of t...