Wednesday, November 25

overheating issue

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Samsung’s Galaxy earphones are reported to be prone to overheating issues

Several Samsung Galaxy Buds users, including the Galaxy Buds and the new bean-shaped Buds Live, have community forums, Reddit and Twitter to complain about an overheating problem. According to publications, first seen by Android Police - Samsung headphones tend to overheat when exposed to direct sunlight. After a few minutes, the headphones begin to beep and do not stop until they are removed from the sunlight and allowed to cool. Reports indicate that the problem tends to occur outdoors and in temperatures ranging from 90 to 100 ° F (approximately 32.23 to 37.78 ° C). However, it is worth noting that some people also experienced the problem indoors. Until now, no one in the MobileSyrup computer has encountered overheating proble...