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Organized Crime

HUNTER: Musitanos join other crime families on slag heap of history
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HUNTER: Musitanos join other crime families on slag heap of history

Article content continuedOthers may — or may not — be on life support, depending on who you ask. Cleveland, Buffalo, Tampa and New Orleans could be considered for this category.In Los Angeles, never a big Mafia town, cops are more focused on Hispanic and Asian gangs than the crime family dubbed “the Mickey Mouse Mob.” Denver, Dallas, Omaha, Northeastern Pennsylvania and San Jose are in the defunct roster as well.When mob informer Joe Valachi flipped it caused widespread panic in the underworld.Seattle’s last crime boss, Frank Colacurcio Sr., died on July 2, 2010. He was 93.Two high-profile murders in Rochester in 1978, the rubouts of boss Salvatore “Sammy G” Gingello and made man Thomas Didio, led to the dismantling of that crime family by the feds.But hold the cannoli, author and forme...
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HUNTER: Johnny Papalia hit sealed mob boss Pat Musitano’s death warrant

Pat Musitano signed his death warrant on May 31, 1997, just minutes after longtime underworld chieftain Johnny Papalia hit the sidewalk dead as a doornail.Still, it just took the grim reaper 23 years to collect the rotund gangster’s staggering karmic debt.For the hitmen hunting the Hamilton mob boss, the third time turned out to be the charm.In April 2019, Musitano narrowly missed getting toe-tagged when he was shot four times outside his Mississauga lawyer’s office.On Friday, he didn’t budge from the broiling parking lot where he was cut down just after 1 p.m.Musitano, 52, was taken off the board in a daring daytime hit at a Burlington plaza, likely bringing an end to three years of bloody gangland tit-for-tat that has left at least a dozen people dead.According to The Hamilton ...