Thursday, November 26


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Oppo presents a new concept of rollable phone, Oppo X 2021

Oppo's new phone concept, the Oppo X 2021, looks like an average phone at first glance, but offers a roll-up screen.OPPO X 2021 - Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) November 17, 2020Normally the device's screen is set to 6.7 inches, but in tablet mode the smartphone offers a screen up to 7.4 inches. With what Oppo calls a "continuously variable OLED screen," the phone's screen can be customized anywhere between 6.7 and 7.4 inches. The roller shade can be adjusted by itself with a lever. And in a demonstration showing technology, a video was resized to fill the screen. The phone can also do that with other applications like Twitter.The device has a laminated screen that is placed on a 'Warp Track' and the...