Wednesday, November 25


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Telus wins four out of seven categories in Opensignal’s latest mobile networks report

Telus has once again topped the ranks in Opensignal's latest semi-annual mobile network experience report in Canada. Opensignal's report looks at user experience with video, voice app, download speed, upload speed, 4G availability, 4G coverage, and games. The Vancouver-based national carrier won four of the seven categories and tied for two others. Telus won the video experience category with a score of 74.5 out of 100, meaning that users generally experienced fast load times and only occasional jams. Bell followed with a score of 72.8, while Rogers received a score of 69.1. Telus also ranked first in the voice app experience category with a score of 79.4. Rogers followed with a score of 78.6, while Bell received a close 78.5. These scores fall into the "fair" category. "An acce...