Tuesday, December 1

oneplus buds z

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OnePlus Buds Z headphones deliver huge sound at a low cost

I finally have a few days to spend with the OnePlus Buds Z, and they are astonishingly cool. These inexpensive buttons are surprisingly comfortable, offer a fun sound profile, and come in a charging case that's roughly the same size and design as the one included with Samsung's Galaxy Buds +. After falling in love with the OnePlus buttons in July, I wasn't sure how a lower-cost model could beat the already inexpensive OnePlus Buds, but these new buttons from the company make me eat those words. While on paper, the $ 70 Buds Z may look worse than the $ 109 OnePlus Buds (which are currently on sale for $ 80), they are super comparable in practice, so it really comes down to which set feels best in your ears. So how do they compare?The OnePlus Buds Z look a lot like the older Buds, but ...