Saturday, November 28

OnePlus 8T Pro

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OnePlus CEO confirms we won’t get an 8T Pro this year

As we get closer to the OnePlus October 14 event, the company's CEO has clarified that fans should only get excited about the OnePlus 8T because there won't be an 8T Pro. This is not a huge surprise, as there have been no leaks regarding a top-tier phone. That said, if you've seen the battery and display specs that the company has shared plus some of the leaks, you'll know that the 8T is stacking up to be a flagship-level device in its own right. Last year in Canada, OnePlus only released the 7T in Canada without the 7T pro, so the fact that there is no pro version this year shouldn't make Canadians too uneasy. The 8 Pro is still a good option too, as it also has a 120Hz display and a fairly modern chipset. If the 8T leaks are correct, the 8 Pro will be a ...