Wednesday, November 25

olive garden

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Olive Garden adds ‘giant’ chicken Parm to menu

Olive Garden, somehow sensing that the world is in desperate need of a very specific pick-me-up, quietly re-added its famous Giant Chicken Parmigiana dish to the menu.For anyone who wasn’t regularly dining at Olive Garden in 2019, the Giant Chicken Parmigiana is 11.5-inches-long and smothered in marinara sauce and cheese. It’s served with a side of fettuccine Alfredo, in case a foot of breaded chicken doesn’t satisfy your hunger.The meal was first introduced as part of Olive Garden’s “Giant Italian Classics” menu. A 12-ounce meatball and jumbo four cheese-stuffed pasta shells dishes were also featured. Of course, every meal comes with a starter of soup or salad and unlimited breadsticks.The Giant Chicken Parmigiana will set you back around $20 and is over 1,...