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iPhone 12 Pro vs Sony X300 Reference Monitor: Image Quality Comparison [VIDEO]
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iPhone 12 Pro vs Sony X300 Reference Monitor: Image Quality Comparison [VIDEO]

With iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro officially available, its OLED displays are raving around the world. Apple was quite proud of the OLED displays on their iPhone 12 line, and for good reason, apparently. In a recently posted Youtube video, @HDTVTestVincent Teoh tested the display of the iPhone 12 Pro and compared its image quality to that of the Sony BVM-X300 reference monitor, a 30 ″ 4K OLED mastering and reference monitor that costs £ 30,000 ($ 35,000 USD, or roughly $ 50,000). CAD)!Surprise, surprise: the X300 prevailed. Being an expensive 4K monitor used in professional videography, that was pretty much a given. However, the iPhone 12 Pro put up the best fight of any screen that will fit in your palm, even marginally beating the X300 in a video sequence. When testing th...
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With the OLED CX, LG struggles to improve its already stellar televisions

If you want the best type of TV and money is no problem, you need to get an OLED, and LG does its best. This year I spent time with a 55-inch LG CX, and just like last year's phenomenal C9, it blew my mind with its stunning colors and deep blacks. I'm still not the biggest fan of WebOS, but it works fine and if it were a big problem I could always plug in an Apple TV or FireTV and not worry about the TV's operating system. As with most modern technology, it is getting harder and harder to improve on the models of the past few years because, if you haven't noticed, there are now plenty of awesome gadgets and devices. LG seems to have fallen into the same trap with the CX. There are some minor improvements that some people will enjoy. Still, for the average TV viewer, any LG OLEDs fr...
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Entire iPhone 12 Lineup to Feature OLED Displays: Nikkei

A new report from Nikkei suggests that all four 2020 iPhone models will come with an OLED display supplied by Samsung Display. Until last year, the company offered OLED displays only on its premium Pro models, while the more affordable iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR came with LCD displays. “Apple will use OLED screens for all its forthcoming 5G iPhones this year, going all-in with the world’s premium display technology for its flagship range in a move that is sure to spark new competition among suppliers of smartphone panels,” reads the report. “The U.S. tech giant plans to introduce four 5G iPhones with three different screen sizes — 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch — all of which will use the OLED technology, the Nikkei Asian Review has learned. OLED stands for organic light-emi...