Sunday, November 29

Office of the Privacy Commission of Canada

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Privacy regulator cites urgent need to reform law amid COVID-19 pandemic

Canada's Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien is citing the urgent need for legal reform to address privacy concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the commissioner's annual report, presented in Parliament Oct. 8, Therrien says the pandemic is raising new privacy concerns in a context where federal laws do not provide effective protection. "Federal laws simply fall short of protecting our rights in our rapidly evolving digital environment," the commissioner said in the report. “We need a legal framework that allows technologies to produce benefits in the public interest while preserving our fundamental right to privacy. This is an opportune moment to show Canadians that they can have both. " The report highlights that since the start of the pandemic, technology has been essential in pr...
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Canadian and global privacy watchdogs pen letter to video conferencing giants

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, along with other global privacy authorities, have published an open letter to companies that offer video conferencing services. The open letter reminds the companies of their obligations and duty to comply with the law and handle user personal information responsibly. It’s been signed by Commissioner Daniel Therrien and privacy authorities based in the U.K., Australia, Switzerland and China. It’s intended for all companies that offer video conferencing services, and has been sent directly to Microsoft, Google, Zoom, Cisco and House Party. The privacy watchdogs outline that although video conferencing tools are essential right now, the ease of staying in touch must not come at the expense of people’s data protection and privacy rights. They note th...