Wednesday, November 25


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Watch as this Nissan GT-R, ‘Godzilla 2.0,’ monsters the off-road trails

Keyboard warriors often decry the Nissan GT-R as being a capable but soulless beast, able to rip off jaw-dropping performance devoid of personality. Those of that opinion have likely never lit the fuse on the GT-R’s launch control. They’ve likely never piloted this off-road version either.Built by a company in the Netherlands and called “Godzilla 2.0” by its creators, this GT-R was given a different suspension for 12 centimeters of extra ground clearance. Next, they added a set of tires big enough to require modifications to the car’s wheel arches.Close examination of the pictures show those meats to be a set of Toyo Proxes ST tires, a performance all-season generally found on SUVs. Mudguards and fender flares were also added, two accessories we never thought we’d be talking abo...