Friday, November 27


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Oakville Transit joins the wave of electric buses as the city plans to buy 73 buses

Oakville Transit will purchase 73 buses over the next six years to begin electrifying its fleet The buses are part of 14 other green projects that the federal government, Ontario government and the City of Oakville are working on to improve Oakville's public transportation system. The project begins with the replacement of 18 diesel buses that are currently in the fleet with electric buses and the expansion of the fleet with nine new electric buses. Then next year in 2021, the transit agency will replace seven more of its old buses with electric buses. From that year until 2026, the agency will purchase a total of 39 more electric buses to replace 32 more diesel from the old fleet. This makes a total of 73 buses. Beyond the buses...
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Governments to invest over $66 million into Oakville green public transit

The Town of Oakville, Ontario has announced that more than $66 million CAD has been pledged to go towards making transit more modern and eco-friendly. Specifically, the Government of Canada is investing more than $26.5 million, the Government of Ontario will provide more than $22.1 million and the Town of Oakville is contributing over $17.6 million. This funding will go towards 14 different projects “that will modernize Oakville’s transit system and create a more sustainable community,” says the Town of Oakville. These projects include:Replacing 57 diesel buses with zero-emission battery-electric buses over the next six years, plus rolling out 16 new electric buses to the fleet Installing 32 charging stations for these vehicles I...