Wednesday, November 25


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This feral peacock is terrorizing an Oakland neighborhood

As if being confined to your house for the foreseeable future isn’t bad enough, residents of one Oakland neighborhood also have to deal with an “insanely noisy” feral peacock who screams … a lot.On Occidental St. in North Oakland, the peacock wreaks such havoc that neighbors have taken to the Nextdoor app to complain, according to SFGate.“For the past 15 weeks or so he has screamed relentlessly, every day,” fed-up neighbor Jesse T wrote. “It’s so loud inside my house it literally feels like he is inside my house. It got so bad that two months ago, I had to move out of my street-facing bedroom and into my middle bedroom/storage room. I have been sleeping on the floor on a camping air mattress ever since … I STILL get woken up at 4, 5, 6am many mornings.”Ho...