Friday, November 27


iPhone News, Nunatsiavut

Smartphones and social media help preserve Canada’s Inuit culture

Thousands of Inuit in Nunatsiavut, the easternmost of Canada's four Inuit regions, were forcibly evicted from their land and stripped of their native language and customs in the 1950s. While restoring that culture is now a great challenge, smartphones and social media are helping them connect with other Inuit across the country (through Arstechnica) Of the 65,000 Inuit scattered throughout Canada, about 7,200 are Labrador Inuit and almost a third of them reside in Nunatsiavut, which has five main Inuit communities. None of the communities is connected to each other, or anywhere else, along the way. However, Nain has a key advantage, as it is the only one of these communities with mobile cellular service. And despite the fact that Facebook and social media had already been av...