Friday, December 4

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Katy Perry Dishes On Orlando Bloom Nude Photos With Howard Stern

By Anita Tai. 11 secs ago It’s been almost four years since Orlando Bloom went viral with his nude paddle-boarding photos, and people are still asking about it. RELATED: Katy Perry Says Orlando Bloom Is The ‘Only One’ Who Can Handle Her Dark Moods: ‘I’m A Lot’ In an interview with Katy Perry, Howard Stern brought up the photos and asked the pop star about the reason for the nudity. She clarified, “It was Europe! We had had a pretty chill time and everywhere we looked, it was like ‘Everybody was naked! It was Europe! It was Italy!’ and I think he wanted to fit in with the locals.” Perry did not feel the need to “fit in with the locals” as she described herself as the more “pragmatic” of the pair, despite Bloom’s attempts to get her to join him in stripping down. RELATED: Orl...