Sunday, November 29


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How to regain control of your notifications on iPhone

Notifications are excessive. If you have a modern smartphone, you are likely to be drowning in notifications. If it's an iPhone, this guide can help you turn off unimportant notifications. If you have an Android device, check out our Android notification guide. Notification control on iOS is not as intuitive as on Android, but in general, most apps have some kind of notification control customization. At the iOS system level, users can disable notifications for each app and modify how the notification enters. You can also change the notifications as they come in, but the only options this gives you is the ability to silence that app or turn off its notifications entirely. Remember that every time you download a new application, it asks if you want to allow access to its notifica...
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Phone makers with aggressive battery management can delay contact tracing notifications

As Canada’s COVID Alert app moves through beta testing, reports have surfaced that some Android manufacturers that use aggressive battery saving techniques are making problems for contact tracing apps. A German website called Bild (via WinFuture) claims that Germany’s contact tracing app doesn’t receive COVID-19 exposure notifications on time, if at all, on many Samsung and Huawei phones. The publication blames battery management tweaks for delaying notifications. It’s important to note that battery management tweaks only affect notifications and not the contact tracing itself. On Android, Google incorporated the Exposure Notification API into Play Services, which integrates deeply into the operating system. This allows Bluetooth...