Saturday, December 5

North Carolina

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Cancer-stricken woman receives ‘amazing’ gift from friends and strangers: ‘I am a sappy ball of tears over this’

In the midst of the global pandemic, 36-year-old Dana McSwain received some troubling news. Though she was unaware of anyone else in her family who ever had it, McSwain was informed that she had stage 2 breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes, plus the BRCA2 gene mutation that increases the risk of several other types of cancers.“It was a complete shock,” McSwain told Good Morning America. “It’s not just you have stage 2 cancer, it’s you have stage 2 cancer with this genetic mutation that makes you susceptible to even more cancers. It’s a battle for the rest of my life.”A few weeks after her diagnosis, McSwain began chemotherapy. Eventually, the mom of two young daughters started to lose her hair as a result of the chemo — and though she knew she’d lose ...