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Nomad’s Base Station Pro almost fills the gap left by Apple’s AirPower

Wireless charging has never really lived up to its noble promise of convenience. Over the years, I have tried various chargers from various manufacturers, including Logitech, Belkin, Anker, and Aukey, and almost each and every one of them suffers from forcing you to precisely position the device you are trying to charge on the pad.For example, the Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger works quite well because it has specific locations to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Nomad's base station can be great but ultimately frustrating because it's difficult to position your device correctly to get a proper charge, especially if you're trying to charge a smartphone. Several times I thought that I had correctly configured my phone on the Nomad base station only to find that my iPhon...
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The Nomad iPad Pro (2020) Rugged Folio Leather Case offers stylish protection for your Apple tablet

Nomad's leather accessories for smartphones and tablets have always been expensive, but they are among the most attractive products on the market and are the company's newest. Resistant foil The iPad Pro (2020) case is no exception. While most people will probably go for an iPad Pro case that includes a keyboard like Apple's expensive Smart Keyboard case, if you're the type of iPad user who uses the device simply as a tablet, the folio case from Nomad could be what you are looking for. . The case works in much the same way as Apple's Folio Case for the iPad, including the magnetic cover that remains firmly attached to the tablet when closed. This part of the case can also be rolled into a triangle to support the tablet. Unfortuna...
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Everything at Nomad is 30 percent off if you’re looking for new cables

Nomad is one of the best phone accessory manufacturers we know of, and right now everything on their website is 30 percent off. The sale is to celebrate the eighth birthday of the company and, if you wish, you have a blog post that explains the history of the entire company. We're big fans of the company's braided cables and wireless chargers, but based on the quality of those products, you'd expect everything they offer to be solid. You can check the offers here. We have reviewed the base station and some of the cables for more product information. Source: Nomadic
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Nomad Sale offers a 30% discount on the entire site to celebrate its 8th birthday

Nomadic goods, maker of accessories for Apple products and more, celebrates its 8th birthday with a 30% discount on the entire site. The deal is a great time to save on Nomad iPhone and iPad cases, AirPods headphone accessories, Apple Watch straps, wireless charging hubs and more. All prices are already discounted with a 30% discount on the site. Unfortunately, the Base Station Apple Watch Edition is out of stock.“It's been eight years since we launched on Kickstarter and a lot has changed since then. We started to know next to nothing about product building, but driven by persistence, a tight-knit team, and relentless trial and error, we've built Nomad in a true start-up way, and learned a ton along the way. ”Said Brian Hahn, co-founder of Nomad. Click here to participa...