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Making sense of truck trims: 2020 Nissan Titan lineup in detail

Tackling the home team on its own turf isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Manufacturers from the Detroit Three have had a lock on the full-size truck market since, well, forever. Grabbing a piece of that profitable pie takes a lot of work and an excellent product.The current Nissan Titan received a raft of updates for the 2020 model year, not the least of which was a bump in power to an even 400 ponies. Accessing all those horses does require a steady diet of premium fuel, however. Further upping its game, Titan now comes equipped with a nine-speed automatic, a gearbox which permits the 5.6L Endurance V8 to make the most of its newfound power.COMPARE THE TITAN TO THE PICKUP SALES LEADER FORD F-150In Canada, the Titan’s model lineup has been streamlined for 2020. Solely available...
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Watch as this Nissan GT-R, ‘Godzilla 2.0,’ monsters the off-road trails

Keyboard warriors often decry the Nissan GT-R as being a capable but soulless beast, able to rip off jaw-dropping performance devoid of personality. Those of that opinion have likely never lit the fuse on the GT-R’s launch control. They’ve likely never piloted this off-road version either.Built by a company in the Netherlands and called “Godzilla 2.0” by its creators, this GT-R was given a different suspension for 12 centimeters of extra ground clearance. Next, they added a set of tires big enough to require modifications to the car’s wheel arches.Close examination of the pictures show those meats to be a set of Toyo Proxes ST tires, a performance all-season generally found on SUVs. Mudguards and fender flares were also added, two accessories we never thought we’d be talking abo...
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Basic hitch: how to option every 2020 full-size light-duty truck for work

Believe it or not, there are some customers who buy or lease a truck and actually make the thing work for a living. As it happens, manufacturers know not all pickups will lead a semi-charmed life of shuttling kids to the rink and making Costco runs on weekends.That’s why it remains possible to configure full-size light-duty trucks for labour, not luxury.They make up a small but important percentage of the product mix, inhabiting our nation’s job sites while ferrying hard-working Canadians to the oil patch or construction areas.We’ve delved into each of the five models available in today’s so-called ‘half-ton’ class, choosing specs designed to help customers get the job done, not impress the neighbours. Where possible, the trucks in this list will have four-wheel-drive and an eig...